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Default Re: Martial Arts - Have you trained or not?

I studied Hung Gar (Tiger/Crane) Kung Fu 1972-78 in the San Francisco Bay Area after I got out of the Army. In the Army I received what was called hand-to-hand combat training. Some basic stuff, like the rear strangle take down hold and perrying. I was in the 82nd as an 11 Bravo (infantry) soldier, but we never got any more training. I think they expected us to shoot and blow things up rather than get into hand-to-hand.

In the '90s I studied Kempo Karate for many years. That is a very hard form. It is heavily focused on physical fitness, which is very important.

There are really only a hand full of strikes and kicks that one needs to master. The rest is tradition and show. That was Bruce Lee's point and why he developed Jeet Kun Do (spelling).

Elbows and knees can be lethal. Eyes and ears are very sensitive targets. No matter how large and strong your opponent, he/she has senstive eyes and ears, no more impervious than anyone else.

The most effective form of self defense is to not need it. "The art of fighting without fighting."

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