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Default Re: What is your sign?

Originally Posted by mudra View Post
OOoh... on what time line is that.... plug me in

Love from me
Hmmmm, let's say for discussion sake that there is really only one timeline but many paths that unfold within it. So if time is toroidal, and organized like a giant library or 'hallogram of records,' where linear events from paths are stored in a chronological fashion and each event is linearly categorized to their respective unfolding storyline organized unto itself then within a 'library.' Then you just have to know where to 'Time Jump' into to get to the correct point (find the right book) at which 'section' the linear event exists; is, or became recorded; downloaded. Get to know your local librarian.

In a sliver of time one can see another sliver of time. Similar to a great time to see the Sun is a three minute window at sunrise or sunset.

Maybe one can see things in a fallen lucy state; lucid state; just before fallen asleep state, and/or just before a bright morning sunshine in your face wide awake state arising from your slumber.

Timing is everything when you're jumping rope... you don't want to get tripped up in bad timing or get caught in the seeming strings of toroidal resonance. An easy web to navigate perhaps for some or a tangled entrapment waiting to happen for others... (like watching someone slip on ice, lol, it's funny sometimes) must be the same for 'Time Jumping.'

I bet a little birdy knows the Right frequency.
to strike at the heart of illusion; the spell of beliefs, and opens the doors in the labyrinth to the scrolls.

A magic book of optical illusions... so how thin is the veil between dimensions and what color would the world be if it where reversed?

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