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Default Re: Ozone & Ozonated Water

I used to be pretty hot on ozone machines and in fact started a business where I had the machines manufactured and sold wholesale. This was about 17 years ago. So I not only did a lot of research but did internal treatments daily, plus drank ozonated water. I also had a swimming pool with an ozone generator for purifying the water.

To make a long story short I got out of the ozone business after about a year, largely because of the danger from the FDA who was getting pretty aggressive against ozone machines for personal health use at the time. But I also developed a strong dislike for the smell of ozone and to this day even the slightest hint of ozone is enough to make me feel sick. Perhaps I developed an allergy to it.

I much prefer alkalinized, ionized water and have an Enagic machine which makes "kangen" water. I have come to think that the Jupiter machine might also be very good and it is somewhat less expensive than the Enagic.

Good luck with your ozone water drinking experiments and I hope you don't detest the smell and taste as much as I do!


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Hi All,

I have been doing a little research on ozone and ozone tech used in the health field. It's apparently one of those effective treatments that the FDA stomps out whenever they get a chance:

There are more articles here:

I happen to have a fairly powerful ozone generator that I bought for eliminating odor and controlling mold, etc. It produces 16000 mghr which is probably a lot more than the water ozonators put out. However, I am going to try an experiment and hook up an apparatus to the machine and ozonate some water and drink it & see what happens.

Does anyone else drink ozonated water? what is your experience?

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