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Dear Truth Seekers -

For those interested, I would like to add a brief perspective on truth seeking.

Like many of you, I spend a fair amount of time searching for truth on the internet (such as with this site and Project Camelot). I question everything I read and wonder when the day will come when truth will be clearly evident.

As I often do, I asked my guides about this and received a response.

Basically, I was told that at this time, it is pertinent to our individual development to need to discern all truth. What this means is that our own process of determining truth IS THE POINT. It is not about being right, or knowing what is true at all times, it is about figuring it out for ourselves.

It is like working out to grow stronger. As we each seek truth, we grow stronger in the process of seeking.

With more and more lies being proven, all "facts" are becoming suspect. This is not an accident. Based on my guidance, I believe that we are being asked to rely on internal guidance more and more.

Two examples that jump out at me from recent posts are the following
o questioning David Willcock's facts
o questioning channelings concerning possible first contact in October

None of us have all of the information that is out there (even information that is strictly mundane). We never will. It is not our purpose to hold all of the information to prove what we believe. We can only offer the universe our unique perspective.

As we evolve into the higher realms (4th density or what have you), we will have increased access to source and thus need to retain (remember) less. It will be more about listening inward and less about gathering facts.

Yet it is completely appropriate to follow our own paths as we learn and develop discernment. Question all that you read and discuss it with others. But do notice the process. Be aware that we are all being guided.

When I question what is true, more often than not, my guidance provides this answer:

It is not as important to know what is true as it is to decide what to do and who to be in light of the information we do receive (from any source).

So - David Willcock presented his view - and now we each get to choose how we wish to express ourselves in light of it.

So - there is channelings stating a possible first contact - and now we get to choose what to think, feel and do in response to it.

Just to be clear on my comment - I am not telling anyone to do, think or feel anything differently than they already do. I just wish to offer up a message I have received which is to be mindful of yourself in your own process; see the process for what it is.

I personally find it helpful to understand a particular process when I am working through it so that I can walk my path with a little bit more ease than I had before. We need not suffer over our struggle.

I wish you all the best and keep seeking that truth and proving me with your myriad perspectives.

Thank you for your words and thoughts,
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