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Default Re: warn us, save us, what a guy

Statement by Dr. Richard Boylan from his website: His claim as to who can get the truth:

“How do persons who want to find and present the truth about Star Visitor-human encounters get the real facts? Where can they go to get reality instead of disinformation? "
"In researching encounters with Star Visitors, the only “evidence” available to study is from the witnesses, the human persons actually experiencing the Star Being visit."
"And the only really qualified researchers of persons reporting extraterrestrial encounters are researchers with professional behavioral-science education, training and experience. Thus, the only experts are the psychologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists and hypnotherapists who actually have a sub-specialty in working with experiencers of Star Visitor-human encounters. These are the professionals who have educated themselves sufficiently about UFO and Star Visitor matters to have the necessary information for working with experiencers.”

Sorry, you and I and friends on Avalon/Camelot are too stupid to understand or evaluate what extraterrestrial experiencers would tell us! (according to Boylan)

Never mind that he had all of his medical licenses taken away in 1995 by the State of Calif. medical board for unprofessional conduct. (He invited his women clients into HIS hot tub, NUDE, as part of therapy.

That didn't stop him though. Instead of calling himself a psychological Counselor, he uses the title of Councillor.

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