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Has anyone seen the new movie "Quantum Apocalypse" yet… free viewing site below…..pocalypse/

several things came to mind…

1) is that what they were trying to do with the Norway spiral?
2) how many times have we re-time-looped? (check out the number of times Uncle Tim has made pancakes in the scene at the beginning of the movie vs. the same scene at the end of the movie- did the number change?)*everybody that is NORMAL has deja vu, while the autistic savant knows exactly what is going on- and is prepared…
3) they must be getting REALLY desperate… with the blatant (and laughable- now that I am awake) dire message of "we are so insignificant/this is the end of the world"
4) the implication in the ending scene… just go have fun (ensuring that we are unavailable to be reached by key people and miss the opportunity to fix the problem
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