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Originally Posted by jimbobrosso View Post
hi, jimbobrosso here.
how do all
lets hope for the best but plan for the worst
i'm down in orpington, kent at the moment tryin to move north.
would love to jet together so we could start laying some plans
hi you guys, what i really need to know is, what exactly is going to happen, is it going to be a solar flare or planet x or... you know there's so much stuff out there, and does anyone know anything about the four corners,(the safe areas) that miriam (blue star) talked about. i mean, theres people here talking about, "when it all goes off we might not be able to get public transport". if there's going to be a cataclismic event, only the people already in the safe areas will survive. the safe areas are not going to be made public knowledge because everyone will be trying to get there.i want to survive this the best i can, i have a young son to protect, so i need to be prepared and know exactly whats coming.
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