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Talking "My Message"

a couple weeks ago i was contacted by starseed1947 and was given a dvd that was to be put up on youtube a while ago ...well it took some time and a couple of friends help but i put it up, you can view "my message" by starseed 1947 here: part 1-6 part 2 part 3 part 4 part 5 part 6

video quality is okay .... hope you enjoy the information. + her close encounters she depicts via drawings are really cool....

ok gl hf!

starseed originally posted this in the thread "please release my video bill and kerry.

-- --------------------------------------------------------------

Dear Bill and Kerry,
You should have received my video on 10-21-08. I would like to discuss it on this public forum after you have viewed it.

I am giving copies to some of your members on this forum in case I suddenly 'disappear' for them to post in case you won't.
I apologize that it is not a professional video, but I had to come forward in a hurry because we are at a critical stage on this planet.

Everyone needs to know the truth about what we are dealing with. You are my last hope. Others have either ignored me or have threatened me. As I said on the video, I not afraid of anyone or anything, because I am not afraid of death.

I am a woman who has awakened and who has also been able to videotape objects that are not of this Earth.

I was born in June 1947 and have had hundreds of sightings since I was an infant. I've had at least 10 sightings with credible witnesses.
On June 21, 2000 I viewed one that was huge and had my friend who is a famous international dance celebrity drew it for me. I included this drawing on the video along with others that I had viewed with witnesses.

I have been to over 50 countries. I've had supernatural experiences while I was in Egypt, New Zealand, New Mexico and in other places.

I dropped out of society several years ago for good reason and to try and understand what I was seeing and to understand my dreams. I've kept journals for years and after looking at them now, it all makes sense.

I've have OBE's and NDE's throughout my lifetime. One of the events I discussed on the video can be verified by newspaper articles while I was in Los Angeles. I discussed many things on this video to try and make sense of what is really going on.
I filmed some things that I have collected during my travels that are very meaningful. Especially the ones from Egypt

I recently contacted some of my reliable sources who will come forward to vouch for my credibility. They are worried for me. But I am not concerned because I know that there is something else besides what we experience on this planet.
I discovered the truth about what we are dealing with. It is a spiritual war. My grandfather was 100% Mixtec Indian and I recently became aware of many things.

Please respond to me on this forum, not in private emails and let me know if you received my video. I think it is only fair to allow everyone to follow our discussion after you have time to view it.
I gave you my name and address. I am for real. "They' know who I am. Believe me, I have been investigated, spied on, threatened and followed my whole life.

Please tell me what you think and please ask me any questions that you may have. Sorry for the poor quality of the video. If I knew how to get it up on the Internet, I would have. I hope someone will help me get it out to the public ASAP. People need hope.

It's not fair that all we get are stories about fear. We need to understand what to do.

People are scared and they are searching for some answers. They are now ready to understand the truth about so many things.
I don't want anyone to be afraid anymore. There is a presence here. Ancient souls are watching.

Sincerely, Linda
San Diego
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