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Default Re: Prometheus Initiative

Originally Posted by GregorArturo View Post
Making the one coil to my theoretical specifications took me easily 12 hours of labor. I was pretty meticulous with it, so making another would be quite the endeavor again. However, I have definitely theorized since the beginning how two or more coils would interact with each other. I was particularly interested in using three coils to create a true and real triad, as I feel that's where some really mystical magic could take place.
Interesting you should say that... reading some of the Billy Meier material years ago they (whoever wrote it) gave details about the craft landing with three landing gear pods or three marks left on the ground. And the grass grew in a counterclockwise direction at each landing pod or circular 'print' for months afterwards. Possibly due to disturbing the plants natural ability to determine where North and South is.

So a triad will make your grass grow funny or use it to fly with... Tango will like that!!
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