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Default Re: Prometheus Initiative

Originally Posted by mudra View Post
You certainly have been busy ..
Now I must catch up with all this .

Love from me
I hope you enjoy the vids and understand what the hell I'm talking about!

Originally Posted by Richie View Post
Just another idea.Try placing a plant or small tree,like a pine tree in the torrid.
as you would know trees produce "juice" too.I just see a link due to your bodys effect on the coil.
I've thought of this idea myself, only problem is getting the toroid over a plant. It would be much easier to put it over a plant that's just growing, and actually powering the coil should make the plant grow faster/efficiently.

Originally Posted by Christo888 View Post
Oh Gregor!!!! Now I can see where the Candy Stripes come from!!!!!

Must be some kind of treat you are creating.

Has it been 'in our face' all this time?

Haha, never thought about that, but ya it's right there in front of us. Great connection!


I'm working on a new concept today to deliver power to the coil, and possibly even step up the voltage from a clue I got from someone about pyramids.
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