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Default Re: The United States of the Solar System

I'm trying to settle-down regarding the United States of the Solar System. I like the idea more and more...but I don't want to be a crusader or a cultist. I'd really just lke to see other people run with the material in this thread...and add their own take to it. I just wish to apply enough heat to start the fire! Right now...I think I want to spend a lot of time reviewing everything in the 50 threads I have started on this site...and just sort of let it all sink-in. I also want to be a U.N. watcher, and a City-State watcher. It might be kinda cool to be a shuttle-diplomat between the key factions in the Solar System...Human and Non-Human...travelling throughout the Solar System...each and every day...trying to hammer out the details of the United States of the Solar such a manner that no one gets $crewed! The problem one would respect me...and they'd all probably hate me! I guess I'll just keep dreaming and blogging. Born to blog! I'm also going to spend more time with CSPAN and Bloomberg. I will spend even more time in nature. I think I'm going to buy a 10" Dobsonian telescope to look at the Solar System! I don't want to spend my time complaining and crusading...or creating a cult!

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