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Default Re: Westboro Baptist Church Heckled outside Twitter HQ

Originally Posted by raulduke View Post
Thirdly, I assume you're refering to the CA prop 8 issue when stating "AAs opted against...", yes, some support came for African American in that specific referendum, which when remembering the civil rights movement, makes for some real irony, but that was certainly not a national referendum, so to make blanket statements about an entire race of people is amiss imho.

A few years before Prop 8 (which passed only by a narrow margin), when San Fransico started granting same sex marraiges on a city level, the LA City Council made a supporting official move... and it was echoed by the Mid-Town North Hollywood Neigborhood Council (and many other LA N.C.s) supporting same sex total legal equality with a 19 to 1 majority vote. The one "no" vote came from a lady who was a devout Catholic and voted by her religious conviction. My side of the table (the Arts and Humanities Committee) voted %100 "yes." We have three openly gay churches in the NoHo Arts District (about one square mile) that will do weddings for ANY kind of couple.

I was born and raised in the above liberal environment and never had my hetrosexuality threatened in the least. I simpley don't understand what the problem is other than fear and religious (and sexual) insecurity. When a man and woman are in love and want to get married, no power on earth will stop them. The "institution of marraige" is in no danger... even in little, wacky NoHo (wich historicly is actually more moderate/conservative lesbian.. going back to WW2 when the aviation industry in Burbank was recruiting sturdy, all-American women to build planes and the "Rosey the Riviter" archytype was born. Many of the women were single and central No. Hollywood had more affordable houses. Amilia Earhart lived in the area as did other female pilots).

We got a visit from Westboro Baptist Hate Church in '02 I believe it was. They had a sizable contingent with all the usual signs, but weren't met with humor. It was an angry shout down bettween them and the locals. Just what the haters like... more hate. If they can provoke someone to go over the edge and throw something or physically attack in any way, they would really love it! - martyrdom!

They should have waited a couple more years. We got the street cross walks permanently painted with rainbow stripes. I'm going to try and attach a photo I took on the morning a night club had a fire. The water made the colors stand out... it wants a web page for the image... ok, just go here and scrooll to the bottom. It's the small pic - thrid from the end of the page (may take a while to load:

Oh, and something the Hate Church would have loved to hate about NoHo, but didn't Know Ho!! We had a shameless, Dark Goddess honoring pagan community (still do, but Raven's Flight's lease ran dry). Again, at the very bottom of the page you'll see links to more pages.

And one more time, my cousin's 1965 punk church on NoHo: The Preachers!

Rock out, all you hell fire bound lovers!!!!!!

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