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Default Re: Attention PLEASE! desinformation war goin'on on Youtube!

Originally Posted by Sol View Post
Be serious, investigate and take your own conclusions. Donīt speak in advance or wait until they clone project camelot channel on youtube...
Just reporting that today the mess is still on, a lot of serious people (some of them you know from camelot) are taking this to justice and need HELP.
Some of the accounts are already closed but the other ones are spreading disinformation trough hate, rude and racist posts.
Like it or not, youtube is usefull and worlwide spreadout. Just travel trough threads on this forum.

you are right SOL

My channel gets lots of reads and
people find this video there

( I dont post Videos yet)

this is one in my list of FAVS:

Project Camelot interviews Gary McKinnon

Gary McKinnon: Hacking the Pentagon London, June 2006 I caught up with Gary McKinnon in North London on my way back from safari in Kenya. The interview was shot using a hand-held camcorder and uploaded at 4 am UK time, making use of a wireless connection outside of an office building in downtown Birmingham. This is what is known as guerilla filmmaking... We sat in the back of his local pub, in a garden in the late afternoon. Gary is lucid, eloquent and extremely intelligent. He made it clear that the real reason the Americans want to extradite him is not for any damage he has done, for in fact there wasn't any. They are pursuing him is because of what he might have seen. Specifically, documents revealing a list of "Non-terrestrial officers" and off-world cargo operations somewhere out in space, hinting at the real possibility of military activities taking place in relation to other planets. Such a possibility has got to be mind-blowing to the average person who barely grasps that there might actually be aliens from other worlds interacting with earth and governments in the vicinity of our solar system. Key to the whole extradition matter is the issue that there were NO passwords required in order to access this material... and that a relatively unprofessional hacker, self-taught albeit brilliant, would be able, using a dial-up modem, to gain top secret access to NASA files and places as sacrosanct as the Pentagon. To contact Bill Ryan or Kerry Cassidy, please e-mail us at .

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See how any viewers this has ALREADY reached !

and still getting hits as people like us advertise it
to other fora and our own lists!

youtube has been valuable beyod all expectation

IF this censorship is not stoppped many young people
will have no venu to post their films of INFO and DISSENT.

I am a septuagenerian but this past year I have found
dozens of friends on youtube under 25 years old who I agree
with and love them for carrying on the messages of nineoneone,
FREE energy, health threats , incredible SPIRITUAL films,
and holohoaxes.

They are modern warriors in the final battle for TRUTH

HELP their venu stay free of the likes of liberman
and all he stands for, the NEXT censored VIDEO maybe
ProjectCamelot and our shared hopes and beliefs.

Tyranny is tightening its hold,
stand side by side and hold the line.

Protest to youtube !

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