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Default Re: Attention PLEASE! desinformation war goin'on on Youtube!

He is a friend and I have found him to be HONORABLE

He sent that out last night and I did as many as I could.

He did not post disinfo

the names are NOT the names of the people we know

they are VERSIONS of them so as to make youtube believe
they are legit members !

when reading these messages you must see the
dotted i's and crossed t's or misunderstand the messages

every name of that list is a FAKE.

just look up the actual names of those people they
DO use on utube

I know Michael Tsarion a few years and that is
NOT any of his channels

PLEASE ! in this time of reactionary excitement
do NOT jump to conclusions before checking on
what you rush to see,

and maybe its not what your own programmed inner mental filter
wants you to see.

on with fighting censorship

another similar post to follow.

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