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Default Re: The Truth about Alien Contact and Channelings

Luminari dear friend,

I never stated there are no such things as aliens in the universe - I was talking about the Earth. There has been though in very distant past, at least if you consider humans coming from other planets "Aliens".

My name is not an obvious reference to Aleister Crowley nor his Liber 777, he is not the only one written a Liber 777 (look up rosicrucians for example.) My real name happens to be Edward Alexander, just like Aleister. Personally I find Aleister a Failure, I do not study his works, and I do not recommend him. He got possessed by the demon that started his religion. But then again there is no such as coiincidences, so that is some food for though too.

For me it is irrelevant if what I say resonates with you or not, there are many souls on many different stages of evolution, also many paths (mislead mostly) so of course I do not expect everyone to resonate with me that would be a self-contradiction in itself.

What I speak of is the truth as seen from MY point of view, MINE experiences, MY lives, MY connection with the Source of All, perhaps others will find it differently because of beliefs and implanted ideas and programming etc - it can be changed for many, but for many not.

I am here now to speak what I have to say to those whom got the ears to listen and the soul to feel its truth. I have awaken many though, rather made them re-remember themselves and their purpose, so I get very little criticism in general. Of 99% of all feedback I get and people contacting me personally, they agree and want more help and assistance and I do what I can in those cases.

I do wish you well and may blessings be on your path too, you will also see the truth some day. I would not believed myself even a decade and half ago.

Maggador IX-777 / EA
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