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Default Re: Recent War in our Solar System By Norval & Gale

Originally Posted by piers2210 View Post
Can anyone tell me who wrote the bible and when???

Lots of different people wrote the 39 Old Tesament and 27 New Testament books of the Bible over a very long period of time...from approximately 1450 BC to 100 AD. Then there is the question of whether they had supernatural, extraterrestrial, or ghost-writing help? Did they plagiarize? What sources did they use? What portions of the Bible have been redacted or changed? Why were some books of the Bible included in the Cannon, and some rejected at the Council of Nicea in 325 AD? Who decided, and why? Who is the definitive interpreter of scripture? If scripture is we need an infallible receive the very Word of God? Why are the Teachings of Jesus not the definitive doctrinal statement of Christianity? Is Jesus simply a hood ornament on the very fast moving Bablyonian, Egyptian, Roman, Jewish freight-train which hit him without attempting to put on the brakes? Is Christianity really Churchianity? Did evil aliens invent our religions to control us? Did Lucifer invent both God and Satan...and then control both...sort of like financing both sides of a war? I knew a graduate of the Harvard Divinity School who did not consider the Bible to be the 'Word of God'.

Ok, I took my medicine, and I'm calming down. I'm trying to sort of do what Norval and Gale are doing...that is, integrate free-thinking ufology, science, etc. with at least some aspects of the Bible. I presently study the Bible like any other book. I center my study on the Teachings of Jesus...or those words attributed to Jesus. To me, they make sense...regardless of the source. I believe Jesus existed...and actually said most of the words which are red, in a red-letter edition of the Bible. The Jesus Seminar is a good place to begin regarding a scholarly analysis of the 20 or so Gospels ('The Complete Gospels'-Polebridge Press), of which 4 are included in the Bible. Ralph Ellis has written some fascinating books which are quite unorthodox and speculative (though well researched) such as 'Jesus: Last of the Pharaohs'. Nicholas Notovitch's 'The Unknown Life of Jesus' is a recommended read. The Ellen White book 'Desire of Ages' is one of my favorites.

My bias is a combination of the Teachings of Jesus with the U.S. Constitution. I lean toward reincarnation...but without the hocus-pocus and eastern mysticism. I try not to conjure up the supernatural...but sometimes they bug me anyway! There's a lot of confusion and controversy out there in theology, philosophy, ufology, etc. Sometimes a nice long walk in nature does a lot more good than reading books! The truth is out there!

That was the long answer! Now what was the question?

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