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Default Re: The Great Gathering...Miriam Delicado...Hopi Message

Hello again,
wanted to let you all know that I took some more time to read more of what was shared on the thread here.
One person said maybe I need lessons on how to get my message out. Thanks! You know I do hear those words and try to understand HOW I can be more clear with the public. When people are being truthful and not spiteful you can learn a great deal.

One of the things I hear is that there is a misunderstanign of one of my messages. I say.... dont listen to any one person.... that does NOT however mean to listen to only me! Please if I EVER were to say that I would hope that peoplw would simply stop listening all together. We are a collective of inforamtion, spiritual, learning beings ans we all carry something that is valuable.

As for ICA and Adam Yellowbird. There is a great deal to learn about him and how he conducts himself if you go on line and research alone. Its worth your time if you plan on giving your money to him. I must say though he has done good things and maybe his intent is good but the number of people he has affected in a negative way is alarming. When it comes to his dealing with Hopi.... Adam has been completely wrong in my personal view. YOU have to make up your own mind about this man. The Manataka Indian Council has several articles on him and the people he associates with. Read the information there. Its on my website.

As for Drunvalo: I never talked about HIM directly on Coast to Coast. The fact is that he was caught in the middle of a big mess during the Return of the Ancestors and it was not him. He was like the Elders...there but not directly involved with ICA and Adam Yellowbird. That is my understanding.

The one thing that I do say and I can say with clarity is that NO ONE including me..... speaks for Hopi. YES the Elders and Spiritual Leaders knew I was going on the program. They KNEW that I would tell the world that no one speaks on thier behalf regarding PROPHECY.

thanks for all the feedback it is always welcome.
With love and respect, Miriam Delicado
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