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Default Re: 911 Commissioner wistleblows ... sort of

mkspllmn - nice I wonder if he means a 30 year old conspiracy from 2001, or from 2010. I'd have thought it goes back further, actually. Maybe he's talking about 1971 (Vietnam), 1981 (Star Wars), ... and everything in between ... ! Nixon and his goods friend Henry K., GHWB (UN Ambassador '71)....?

My faves:

- "We were a temporary commission. We were created by statute. The Republicans refused to extend it. We had a life of, I don't know, about 14-15 months, that's it... on the 24th of July, we went out of business."
- "In fact, we explicitly identified things where additional effort needs to be made... we should never be seen as answering all the questions."
- "I do support a permanent commission to examine, not just that, but other things in this area."
- "The problem, it's a 30 year old conspiracy."

Great questions from the crowd, really incisive re criminal investigation (lack), Pentagon fudging (agreed), Building 7 (not in report at all), cover up of act of war (art3, s3 of Constitution - treason).

Thanks for posting this.
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