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Default Re: can you FORGIVE us?

In my recent experience (because I am constantly changing and growing) I find forgiveness to be an extension of allowance. Of accepting what IS.

Time is an illusion as Mr. Wilcox states and so have many others. When we are seized up because of some event that occurred that our ego latches onto and forces us to relive over and over again, expecting a different outcome we are not accepting that event.

I've been working on allowing... allowing everything to be as it is. As it chooses to be. Who am I to ask anything or anyone to be any different than who or what they are? Even past events that caused me "trauma"? I am no better or lesser than any creature that has inhabited this, or any other planet.

When I ALLOW? There is nothing to forgive. There is only love.

Threads like this are the reason I stay on Avalon.
I love you, all. To the core.

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