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Default Re: can you FORGIVE us?

Thanks for starting this thread my friend.

Im not of any religion but the teachings of Jesus are a great influence on my life.
On the cross Jesus said " Forgive then for they know not what they do"
Basically they were spiritually ignorant.
I believe that Jesus came as a Saviour for all mankind and will intercede for us at the gates of heaven if we ask Him to. He also taught surrender or alignment to the will of God.

The Course in Miracles teaches there is nothing to forgive as we are one in Christ and it never happened. Basically the course says that we never left God we are dreaming our separation. The course is designed to awaken us from the dream.

When people give us a hard time its because they are not capable of doing otherwise.
We have the choice to take it personally or not.

There is a lovely story.
Two monks came acros a woman desperate to cross a swollen river.
The elder of the two chose to carry her across even though monks were not allowed to have physical contact with females and left her safely on the other side.

A few miles further on the younger monk remonstrated the other.
"Father you know it is forbidden to be in contact with a woman yet you carnied her across the river,"
The older one said. "Son I only carried her across the river you have been carrying her the last few miles"

People say and do things and if we are not carefully we can carry them for days.
Then who is hurting who?

Forgiveness is just letting go and being present in the eternal moment..

Past is history, future is mystery.

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