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Default Re: The Great Gathering...Miriam Delicado...Hopi Message

I don't think I have been more disappointed in an interview on Avalon as I was with this one, a lot promised and nothing but fresh air delivered, I understand the message and its value but unfortunately its no more important that any thread here on Avalon.

I am open to all things, and absorbing all information without judgment, this interview pushed me to the limits, I doubt Miriam prepares for interviews but I don't think it translates into anything groundbreaking.

I understand how difficult it is representing the Hopi people, but if we are in such difficult times and the Hopi are not offering information it means they do not really truly want to help us? Are they waiting for something important to trigger an important message ??? Its almost like being in victim consciousness to me.

We create the universe simply by perception, we are now being bombarded in negative prophecy 24 hours 7 days a week (movies,media,Internet, pandemics )thus creating mass consciousness expecting a 2012 disaster ...... The Hopi know this but where are they ??? In silence

I think the best part of the interview was the slip of the tongue comment, Miriam calling the Hopi system like a secret society.

In Lak'ech
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