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Default Re: Canberra with love

Got on to the thread and, just as you said, there is your message. I have been on the job long enough to have developed some knowledge. However, what I don't know fills volumes of encyclopedias.

My point about Canberra has been it is full of intelligent, creative people. Plus, I consider it "safe territory geologically". Don't know about all the terror state apparatus though. I used to work in Deacon right next to some so-called telecom operation that some have claimed is a NWO listening post.

If you get on to my post on Australian Ground Crew you will see me making a case for the area I presently reside. That is Inverell, N.S.W. Not exactly the cultural mecca of Australia. The point I make to myself though, is anyplace on the surface of Earth is approximately equal in distance from the Crystal Core of the Planet. It is the core that is in resonance with the Black Hole in Constellation Sagittarius - what the Mayan's referred to as Xbalba Be, or the Dark Road.

When I began the website, it was with the intention of eventually relocating to C'berra due to my experience in working with Govt and lobbyists. I am deeply committed to the esoteric aspects of 21/12/2012, Ascension or whatever code rings the bell for you.

A dialogue is good thinking. I am in touch with some talented thinkers and doers in this field and sounds to me like that is an experience you are designing for yourself as well.

I see an email address in my box assuming that is your direct email so I will send you my Canberra oriented piece that I submitted to Rudd's 2020 SUmmit. Lots of other stuff going on as well. Scary what you said about my website. Would like yo hear a further report from you about that when and if you are in a position to give one.

What I would like to turn you on to is SECOND CREATION magazine of which I am a co-editor. If you go to or more directly to you will find all the published editions of the magazine. You can find articles by me in about four of them. My theme is the Advent of the Noosphere. I find that a very comprehensive "code" to contain the essential message of human and planetary renewal.

Okay, what about you? What is your motivation, aspiration, plan? Darkest just before the dawn so how are you navigating the darkness? What is your view of the dawn? Great to have the chance to rap with you. Edward Planetary Warrior
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