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Originally Posted by TRANCOSO View Post
Actually I wanted to name this post: 'AVALONOGY DONATICS'.

What really p#sses me off about Bill Ryan, is that he seems to think that he is some sort of godlike idol.
I've send this guy 2 or 3 emails, and never received an answer.
(Mind you, if I email Bono, I get a reply within 24 hours max.)

I've send Kerry a note, just to cheer her up a bit when this whole thing about her closing down the forum, was going on. Just told her that she was cool & great, but at that very moment, she wasn't, imo.
A couple of days later, I got a reply from her.

Now please tell me: 'Who the f#ck is Bill Ryan, to have an attitude like that?' Nobody I know has ever heard of the guy.

"Pretentious? Moi?"
just go and check atA2 (as a lurker) all the sucking up activities there regarding Bill....made me naucious...
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