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Default The impact of physician bonuses, enhanced fees, and feedback on childhood vaccines...

In the United Kingdom, a populationbased
bonus for physicians has been used
successfully to raise immunization coverage.
Under the National Health Service bonus
system, physicians receive 600 per year
if immunization coverage in their entire
2-year-old population is 70% and 2400
(about $900 and $3600, respectively, at the
time of this study)' for 90% coverage.2 The
larger bonus represents approximately 5% to
7% of an average physician's income (D. M.
Salisbury, MB, FRCP, FRCPH, MFPHM,
London Department of Health, written communication,
May 8, 1997). This incentive,
along with other interventions such as
appointing immunization coordinators in
every district, using computers extensively to
call and recall, and distributing guidebooks
on contraindications, has succeeded in raising
immunization coverage levels for all
antigens to the 90% goal levels.3

More at link above...
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