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Default Re: Greys, Abductions, Hybridisation and now they are moving into a community near yo

Originally Posted by bigmo View Post
Yes indeed ortho. It is amazing what one will accept as belief when there is a promise of eternal life, 100 black eyed virgins, etc.

I wonder what they promise women?

1000 gallons of Mr. Clean in the flesh?


All I'm hoping for presently is to get Recycled Indefinitely...and participate in a Sovereign Perfected in a Perfected Solar System...With No Demonic Deception, Possession, or Harassment Whatsoever...if it's not too much trouble. Well...even if it is too much trouble. I completely agree with the following from a trainedobserver post:

"To wage an unrelenting and unrestrained war against these non-human creatures would be an entirely noble cause and perhaps the only just war ever fought by the human race, their 'motivations' being entirely irrelevant. It is my sincere hope that if any of the alien abduction business is true (and I suspect that it is) that there are military organizations already deep into the fray (and I suspect that they are). I am a human being. My loyalties lie to my person, my family, my species, and my planet. Non-human's preying upon us (animals, insects, microbes, ETs, CTs, or MDEs) must be neutralized, tamed, or otherwise rendered harmless for the sake of our children and the future of the human race. Romanticizing contact with ETs is naive, idiotic, and dangerous in the extreme. Dr. Greer (the Neville Chamberlain of Ufology) et al be damned. -- trainedobserver

"Not only is there an amazing willingness in the human mind to invest credence and faith in uproven facts, but there is more evil, more readiness than ever on the part of various sophisticated groups, to use this human weakness as a tool in controlling others." -- Jacques Vallee, Revelations

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