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Default Re: Project avalon 2.. Are you havin a laugh?

Originally Posted by Boober View Post
yet you got an invite imagine if you didnt. I have talked to people who, are saying things literally I guess I am not cool enough, then they say they dont care, I know they do. And that gets at me. I really dont care,lol. Like I said I am straight
I don't want you to remain with the impression that i got invited and i don't care about the rest of the people that did not. I did not expected to be invited i didn't even know the forum is up... i'm glad i have been invited but i don't feel more special than the others here, i'm waiting for them. I've been around avalon since its beginnings... i had another username to which i lost the mail and pass so recently i made this one. Over time i've attached to some members feeling that i know them, although they don't know me that good... i feel that i know them. I see avalon as a family... and that is my possition in this matter.
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