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Default Re: Project avalon 2.. Are you havin a laugh?

Originally Posted by Kra View Post
Boober yes i got invited. AV2 it's at beginning. Just because not all members got invited yet does not mean that they will never be. And those that are invited can invite others.

/edit: I think you are looking from the wrong angle, that is my opinion... you see what you choose to see. It has to do with your perception.
man you dont get what i am saying, lol, its all good though. I get what you mean though, trust me i do. Lol theres no us or them, yet you got an invite imagine if you didnt. I have talked to people who, are saying things literally I guess I am not cool enough, then they say they dont care, I know they do. And that gets at me. I really dont care,lol. Like I said I am straight AV1er 4 life,lol, nevermind I dont think you are feeling what I am saying. ITs all good though. Peace , Love, And Light
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