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Default Re: Project avalon 2.. Are you havin a laugh?

lol, i know noone at AV2 will talk down to a person on here, or act try an talk above anyone , I know that, but you need to understand they will be in a way, and some people already are. I already see certain people asking hey did you get an invite, then people say no, oh you didnt, , then there is this akward flashback of people feeling left out, well let me see what i can do, Right there is what I am talking about, "Let me see what I can do", thats the dialect im talking about. Now the person who didnt get the invite is instantly kissing up ok cool, you will , thank you, I will always be nice to you, lol, you guys need to realize the people who are on this site. Besides the annoying blue children ,lol, or the others. People just sitting at there computer all day posting all day. Nothing really research based, but they throw in a line and they get really excited about being in a alien conversation or they talked about a personal experience, but they dont know the right people, or they didnt post the "right" way, they have , exact words I heard in the chat room "nothing to contribute", what really nothing to contribute, what do you have to contribute. To all my AV1ers I got love for ya. Remember you didnt get invited! and I love you for that!

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