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Lightbulb My suggestions for Camelot Interviews

Below are several individuals whom I would LOVE to see Kerry and Bill interview. Some, I'm surprised haven't been already.

Preston Nichols / Duncan Cameron / Al Bielek / Stewart Swerdlow - Any of these gentleman would be great to speak with, regarding the Montauk Project of course, and anything else related. I remember hearing something of Al Bielek being fed mass amounts of disinformation, and probably the others too... but I think under the techniques Bill and Kerry use, the truth of this story could be squeezed out of any of them.

Michael Tsarion - Jordan Maxwell's "understudy"! I'm a huge fan of his, and I love the way he speaks! I think he would be a wonderful person to be interviewed. He's spent a large period of his life researching the ET influence over the developments of human civilization, as well as the symbology we find in our everyday lives. I would LOVE to see this happen and I suspect I'm not the first to suggest this.

Michael Ruppert - This man is certainly a whistleblower and deals strictly with facts. Unfortunately, his research, predictions, and claims have yet to be proven wrong. He has a massive amount of tangible evidence about the conspiracy inside the government, the corruption, and obsession with oil and money. He is a smart, clever, and honest man.

Ted Gunderson - Former FBI Senior Special Agent-in-Charge of the Los Angeles division. Certainly a whistleblower, and I'm sure most reading this know who he is. He's investigated all kinds of topics such as ritual abuse, mind control, the CIA's involvement in Iran-Contra, and many other real conspiracies. I'm surprised he hasn't yet been interviewed by Camelot.

Cathy O'Brien / Mark Phillips / Brice Taylor / Arizona Wilder - Alleged survivors of the MKULTRA program. The first two usually come as a pair, having done the speaking circuit many times over and also written two books, one being Trance Formation of America - a groundbreaking work regarding mind control. Brice Taylor as far as I can tell has only given an interview to Ted Gunderson and written a book full of powerful accusations. Arizona Wilder is the woman featured in David Icke's documentary Revelations of a Mother Goddess - regarding mind control and the powerful elite being shape-shifting reptilians, and that whole story. All of these individuals tell stories that are rather hard to swallow at times, so again I think the interviewing techniques and skills utilized by Bill and Kerry would squeeze the truth out of these testimonies as well.

Dr. Colin Ross - A medical doctor who became greatly interested in mind control when a large amount of his patients began telling terrifying stories similar to what we've all heard regarding MKULTRA. This began his journey on a long and morally upsetting quest for truth. He's received awards for his work, and is certainly an intelligent person more from the academic community. He has written a few books, but it is rather difficult to find much video featuring him. I think an interview with Dr. Ross would be a powerful addition to the growing number of whistleblower testimonies Project Camelot is known for.

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