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Default Re: What do you think of the hologram?

TranceAm said: "As one poster on Youtube stated, Blitzer couldn't see her, the images were mixed in with the recording of him on his set. "

LOL, That is incorrect. There was also a hologram of Wil.I.Am and the person in the studio looks at the hologram and describes how Wil.I.Am appears to him

Here's the link:

This all reminded me of project bluebeam and it impressed me because anyone
that understands the properties of light would know that it needs to reflect off a surface. In the video there is no smoke or screens. The hologram is in mid-air AND is 3 dimensional!

Also, MSNBC also used this technology for virtual reality holographic displays and they actually interact with the hologram. I'll leave that one for you to research though.

To cut a long story short.. Yes, it is an actual 3-d hologram; NOT an image super imposed unto the screen.

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