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Default The two visions I have had.

The first one was given to me back in the 1990's when the French were testing the nukes on the French atol. My children were young at the time, my husband was doing shift work and I was very wrapped up in my own life and not really worrying about anything going on in the world (sorry). At that time I got really, really upset about what they were going to do, to the point where i wanted to go and sue them for this, and I couldn't understand why, these intense feelings I had. Then later on I got that I was under the water way below where these nukes were detonated and there was a leak coming from there which they couldn't fix. I felt that these were eventually fixed by ET intervention.

The second one I had was quite intense. A few years back I envisioned myself looking at scientists secretly working on genetic experiments, DNA splicing and cloning. But, these experiments were somewhat like those of Atlantean times, they were trying to see if they could splice animal and human DNA, and two different types of animal together. Some of their experiments would only last a little while living, and they were grotesque and in torment. The reason for doing this was that it was a project and because they could.

I have passed this on to the Watcher aka BK.
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