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Lightbulb Re: Frantic Call from an Ex-worker of Area 51, Continue if you DARE ... ;o ;P

Originally Posted by 371 View Post
RIGHT!!!! Thanks for reminding me!!

Also this night on the program, another caller called who said he worked at Area 51. The guy sounded like a total nutcase, I only specifically remember two things about what he said:

1. Something about the "Supreme Commandant"
2. Art asks something like:
"So why aren't you afraid of coming forward tonight and giving this information if you are for real?"
(all the other 'area 51' callers seemed scared that the PTB would track them down)(all paraphrased)

Caller: "Well, because of what today is"
Art: "What's significant about the date?"
Caller: "Well... it's SEPTEMBER ELEVENTH"(!!!!!)
Art: Um, okay...

For some reason that part of the interview stuck with me when I first heard it. Keep in mind this broadcast was in the mid-90s. It could be a coincidence since almost everything else this guy said seemed like total lunacy, but still......

If anyone can find this part of the show on the net I'd be grateful as it's been a long time!

Yeh Right , I just listened 2 it now ... the guy's called Steve ... and He's in a different time-zone cause he say's "In your time it's Sept 11". He also states he was told to say everything to Art by his Superiors' ... Also Mentions something about R.C Hoagland , 19.5, Commondant ?? etc. He mentions what will happen on July 20th 1998 which explains what happened from July 20th 1986 - July 26th 1986 and how that relates 2 what is going on with right now with the Mar's Material. ! . The Supreme Commondant = The Plan ... Then he says' "This is the September the 11th ... ummmm ok hmmm" and then changes the Subject. He might have been looking on a page in the Book that explain's what will happen and is planned for the Future ??!! The AREA 51 Book ( Supreme Commondant ) Which then resulted in the Sept 11 Attacks ... hmmm something 2 ponder about !? He also mentions that they are using Looking Glass technology , Nulose etc.

If you would like the Audio ... Just PM or let me know and I will post it !
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