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Default Mexico (Yucatan) Belize/Guatemala


I arrive on 19 januari in Cancun, my plan is to travel around the State/land Yucatan and Belize/Guatemala.

I never been in these places and this will be a all new experience for me.

My question is if there are open minded people who like to meet up somewhere in these places or if there are people who know nice communities where i could learn from......
Advise about beautiful natural places to visit in these lands are welcome as well .

My stay in these lands is until end of march.

I hope some one is interested and would contact me.

Peace Love and light,


Jo llego el 19 de enero en Cancun, mis planes son viajar por Yucatan, Guatemala y Belize.

Nunca ha sido por esta zona y va acer un nueva expierencia para mi.

Pero ahora mi pregunta es, si hay gente (de mente abierta) que gustaria encontrarse con migo o si save alguna comunas quapas?
Consejo de parque naturales magicos ect. por esta zona son bienvenido.

Me quedo hasta el fin de marzo.

Espero que hay adien que esta interesada y que quere ponerse en contacto conmigo.

Paz, amor y luz.

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