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Default Re: Pterodactyl Sightings

Originally Posted by Jacqui D View Post
Well i would say anything was possible now illuminari with this looking glass technology it would be easy to look back in time or into parallel worlds. And the opening of stargates, wormholes etc they could be letting all sorts in.
The bottomless lake of lochness in Scotland is famous for Nessy as we know lost dinosaurs from times go past coming through perhaps from hollow earth.
Now my son when he was about 10 said he saw a pterodactyl he was with around 4 other boys at the time who all witnessed the same thing!
When i was a small child around 7/8 i saw what i thought to be a dodo i would not have known what it was, it was only when my stepfather showed me a picture in an encyclopedia that i pointed this very bird out!
So all is possible yes!
Then you get into the sighting of Faires...little people....

Like the veil is thinner at some points in between our reality and some other.

So then you begin to think that the fantasy (Dragons, Gargoyles, Giants) may have walked into our reality at some thinning point and never went back

Or aliens

Things that don't belong here and upset the natural harmony that we may have had once (eden).

Maybe the worse Aliens (the lizard folk...hyper dimensional entities....demons...evil spirits....Satan) are able to access our world through conjuration (sheer will power) or at a thin point in the veil.

Some can get all the way through.....some can exert influence (possession)

It's like we open ourselves up when we are an empty vessel or we lose our soul and invite them in.

So when Hitler and Himmler dove into the occult before WW2...they opened a gate for these beings in exchange for the tech to subdue the world.

I'm off track now but I'm on a roll ....

I feel like 777

SO alot of the top brass of the Nazi's (probably Hitler himself) escaped but they all weren't quite human anymore......They had an Icke Lizard man inside them.

Now onto operation paperclip ( or selling out your soul and your nation in 2 easy steps)

If I were really smart and devious , I would leave possessed top scientists behind to dangle tech bait in front of the "winners" of WW2 and say I have more where that came from....

Now you invited Dracula into your house...

Ever notice since the 50's that the rise of "evil" seems to engulf the US.

Now lets add another layer.....The possessed evil Nazis join forces with the wealthy power hungry bankers.

Wow....Tag team from hell huh?

Not only have the established Nazi leadership still intact (the gods know where....brazil...Antarctica..High jump was there for a reason)

Still giving orders....still after world domination

Sound a lot like NWO.....also sounds like the top of the pyramid is not human anymore

What's the prize...not money...not power...maybe our Godliness...maybe that piece of the creator we carry inside.
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