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Default Re: DMSO Real good stuff for your Health

Originally Posted by Rainbow View Post
Hello All,

I am a newbie here. I have used DMSO for years after reading quite a beneficial article given to me by a friend in the 80's. Coaches give it to athletes for muscle sprains. I have used it that way for years and it always heals the pain. I used to use 99% pure roll on but it does sting so now they have the 70% with aloe in a jar and it has no sting and I can use it more often.

I have nothing to say but good about DMSO for muscle cramps/sprains. I will always have it on hand.


Rainbow: I too use the roll-on on my arthritic knee & it clears up the pain quickly, but your right it does sting for a bit. I was not aware of the one with aloe. where did you find it? Health food store or somewhere else?

Also have you taken the liquid version internally? I would love to know what the dosage is for internal treatment.
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