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Default Re: Resting on the Plateau's

Sweet Sister Celine--

I'm so sorry to learn that this recent brouhaha re: Abraxas, etc. has caused you even MORE pain than i realized. you are so sensitive, darling. please remember that "all is as it should be." for us here at PC/PA -- the recent crisis here will have a healing and strengthening effect for each of us and, i sincerely hope, for both PC and PA as well. and, in the same way, "all shall be well" with you in your marriage and family. i'm not making any specific predictions ..... only saying that the Goodness and Generosity of All-That-Is is SO comprehensive, that She-He uses every single thing in your life (especially things of such magnitude as struggles with your husband, family, and spiritual family) to help you keep growing until you are able continually to see yourself as PERFECTLY beautiful as He-She sees you!

You and Richard have given SO MUCH time, energy, and love to this community. Noone is perfect here...not mods, not any of us. But i for one am grateful to both of you for your devotion to PC/PA, and i know that this gift of yours is certainly honored by our good God.

I love you, dearest Celine. Please remember that "This and all manner of things shall be well."


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