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Default Re: Resting on the Plateau's

Originally Posted by Carol View Post
there is a lot of emotional energy over this or that these days and I'm sorry but I'm just not up for it. Right now my focus is extended on coodinating 20 other beekeepers in purchasing their hives, organizing the finances of the Farmer's Cooperative, providing therapy to those in need or just want support, rasing my own teen and putting all extra attention on building a self-sustaining homestead. All of the service I do for others is free and I'm just there to help out where I can.... just as I'm here to help out where I can.

From a merely observational point of view, I think too many folks have way too much time on their hands. I'm inside now because it's raining but did make a trip to Hilo for a medical exam and to purchase garden supplies. I just don't understand why folks prefer to invest all types of emotions in the forum drama game when that energy could be spent doing something productive where at the end of the day there is something of beauty to show for it.
well, mileage on perspectives varies. I happen to think some excellent collective consciousness work occurs on forums such as this one. I don't feel I've wasted a single second here working with people in all sorts of capacities.

And not having located myself on a volcano, I don't feel much concern for many of the outside concerns others worry about.

We're playing in a micro cosm collective, which mirrors and is mirrored back to from the bigger one(s) we share. I feel good work goes on in places such as this, and that it may have more overall significance than people give it credit for.

Sure feels like template writing level work to me.
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