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Default Re: Resting on the Plateau's

No one wants to see anyone hurt, Carol. I don't believe anyone who's had anything to do with this wishes harm on any other. Or condones it.

An action to take down Abraxasinas and the Thuban threads would have been more remarkable by the absence of the attempt. It was a predictable thing. You could feel the waiting in ambush for the opportunity. Several other details muddy the waters enough to make them smell like rat.

1. is that I don't recall the discussion delving much into sexual archetypes until after they moved to the closet social club provided by Richard.

2. The language used in Abraxas' posts regarding sexual archetypes and his efforts to tie them into what many have described as the restoration of the feminine/masculine balance of the father/mother aspects of the creator, could easily be misconstrued as an advance. From the way he was talking, it wouldn't surprise me if he wrote someone and called her the goddess of this or that, and that he awaited her loving embrace, or some such. There's lots of that kind of language, and yeah, it could be taken as an advance. I don't know, and either does anyone else who hasn't been told. But it's easy to anticipate that a mistake could have been made. That could have happened easily. None of the other women who posted in the social group mentioned being made uncomfortable, and quite the opposite.

3. It was Richard who pulled the plug, and he as much as said he wanted that, when he posted in the Q&A thread. Can't check the language now, because the thread is gone. But Richard as much as said he meant to get rid of Abraxas.

4. At least a few of the other Mods have come out expressing concerns about how the affair of banning him and removing his threads went down.

5. Truthwillsetyoufree coming out with information of at least one private message that there was action being taken away from public view to remove Abraxasinas.

6. It was said that there were several complaints. Is no one willing to come forward and say what happened? Or is it more a matter of trumped up charges? A complaint could be a mistake. Several complaints sounds like You'd better take decisive action.

And nothing whatsoever to support the fact that something truly inappropriate occurred.

It looks like a well executed strike was carried out, and with the possibility of conspiracy to coordinate. Now that's the appearance. That's a suspicion.

I'm sure it would have been much less suspicious if one of the mod's who always remained neutral, like Morguana, would have made the announcement of what happened.

There's still a rat smell in the air, so we'll see, or we won't see. Don't mean any disrespect to anyone who may have been made to feel bad. Just don't like that rat smell and would like to see the air cleared. The room freshened a bit. No hurry. No push. just as long as they know this isn't going under any rugs unless there is nothing there to be swept.

Of course they could ban those pesky question askers. That's one way of quieting things.

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