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Default Re: Resting on the Plateau's

Ok. so here's my take.

We are returning, blossoming, restoring, our multidimensional nature. It was never gone, but we draped this infernal veil around ourselves to hide most of it. It's always been there, and we've been getting tons of input from the rest of ourselves without being consciously aware of it. We set it up that way. We leave ourselves little clues to latch onto. Leave ourselves little messages all over the place. talk to ourselves. Arrange little synchronicities to marvel at. Etc. It's oh so much fun. Let's see if "me" down there catches on to this one.

We made a decision some little time ago, about whether we would continue with this masquerade, or whether we would wrap it up and start a new game. We chose to end it. We chose. Yes, I'm sure that's what happened. I remember the vote. (after I was reminded of it by another)

But we left the how, and the "where to next", open for our present time creation. Remember all those end of the world second coming doom and gloom scenarios? Oh yeah, they were on the table, and even arranged for, but we changed our minds, and now they are gone, except for the hang overs of those who aren't catching on yet. Who knows exactly where we are going to from here? Nobody. Not exactly, because we haven't fully decided. The broad strokes are fairly done, but the details are our day to day creations. We're moving up, and the decision we made is we're moving up to the 5th dimension. We're preparing our game pieces for that new frontier right now. We're rewriting our DNA. We're flushing the old structures which will no longer work in the new playing field. We're rebuilding our lightbodies (and that is causing a LOT of discomfort) and we are doing this mostly blind, from this level of play we are currently rubbing together in.

I feel that a lot of the discomfort recently experienced (created) on this forum, is just such a flushing action.

Where we are going, there will be no need for, or room for, mechanical communication. We won't be packaging our thoughts and emotions in Language, downloading them to brains, which translate into mechanical lung, tongue, jaw, voice box motions. Or even further down the line, keystrokes on a computer keyboard and sent across space and wires to other computers and further up the ladder and back eventually to another soul, by way of eyes, ears, brains, minds, energetic fields, etc.

We're learning who we are all over again. But we've never been other than who we are. It's still just me, and it's still just you, and if we trace it up further, we are bound to discover how I'm you and you're me and together we constitute all that is. But that's for another trip up another mountain. For now, our destination is the 5th, and neither the idea of together nor separate will be excluded. We'll just have the choice of how we want to experience. But I suspect we've had enough separate to last us a while and will bathe in the togetherness once again.

The reason there will be no mechanical communication, is because that was simply a structure designed to reinforce the illusion of separation. We are getting over it, and dissolving the old structure. As we do this, our largely dormant (actually more like disguised) facilities for direct contact and reading of energy is coming back online, in a more recognizable form. We've all used these higher facilities throughout our time here in 3D. and given them names like telepathy, intuition, body language, mind reading, what have you. we've received not only the mechanical products of mechanical communication, but also the higher harmonics which are carried along, or perhaps carry the mechanicals along with them, is a more apt description. But the point is, our communication is multi layered, just as we are multilayered.

The game we have been playing, has been to compress all of this down into a squished together mess of denseness, where our powers of discernment would be challenged to the extremes, and then in that context, we set out to try to discern the toughest conundrums anyone anywhere in the universes could come up with, which had stymied them for eternities, with our hands tied behind our backs and blindfolds and ear plugs in place. Ambitious, aren't we? But we are wrapping this up for good. All these questions of polarity, duality are wrapped up, neat as can be, and we're just brushing our hands together after tying the bows.

So upon that canvas, let's now paint a picture of what just happened on Avalon, shall we?

Avalon was built within the old structures. Owners. Moderators. Rules. Guidelines. Netiquette. Manners. No addressing the person. Respect enforcement. Legal/justice structures looming should broader rules be infringed, like copyright, libel/slander laws, inciting to rebellion, drugs, sex, porno, etc. Societal structures which can bite you if you raise their notice.

The supporting energy for these types of structures have been pulled. They have no support. They carry along on inertia. It's why the PTB have become a joke. They have no juice except for what we still shine their way through fear. The energy has shifted. We are headed in a new direction, collectively. Look now, and you'll see this is true. You can try to stay immersed in the old structures, but On most of your levels, you know the truth.

The old and the new do not match frequency. They are in completely different frequency ranges, and are only being held at an intersection point with a great force of will and effort, so the migration can be undertaken without having to be ripped from the old and dumped unceremoniously into the new. We were once going to do it that way. We were once weighing the options of having a Nibiru or a death blow from our own Sun, or some other Extinction level event facilitate this change over, but we decided to do it differently. We are doing the change over while consciously aware and active on the playing field. No wonder there are hundreds of millions of spectators crowding around for the best seats.

The eyes of the Universe are on us, because we are, by proxy, creating the new paradigm, and not just for ourselves, but for all. We've been entrusted with seeing this through. And despite the greatest odds against that anyone has ever conceived of, we're actually pulling it off.

Since we are taking a gradual approach and living the changes, our conscious creations are rewriting reality moment by moment. There is no future. There is no past either. We've rewritten both numerous times in the push and pull of "separate" opinions of where we should go next.

If you have trouble reconciling this with your lower perceptions that all is not well, and that the strife, torment and suffering outweighs the love and joy by orders of magnitude, and that the PTB have all the power and you have none, then you need only look a little harder, and a little higher. Each of us who wakes up fully, carries the weight of our full selves into the mix. The scale we're talking about is almost immeasurable. We are so enormous in our complete being. It would take a body like the Sun to encompass an incarnation of our full selves. A hand full of awakees, pull the weight of tens of thousands or more, in the collective game we co create together. We are winning. There is no doubt. Those who see ultimate battles between good and evil are looking within and projecting it without. Spiritual midgets, wielding imaginary weapons of mass illusion. Sorry if that seems harsh, but if they are going to try to project their inner incompleteness all over the outside, then they need to hear that the illusions are too thin for that to continue any more.

Next post, waddup with Avalon. Promise.
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