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Default Re: Space of Love Magazine

Space of Love Magazine. Please help us to spread the word!
Do think of it as YOUR gift to the world. The more you share these resources - maybe even by sending it as a Christmas gift to your friends, and ask THEM to share and pass it on as well - the more you are becoming the change we need so much right now.
It is the change we are all co-creating together, one subscription, one inspiration at a time. Exponential growth happens quickly, as you know, five people tell ten people tell twenty more friends...and before we know it, the whole world will be sharing what is so dear to our own hearts.
Creating hope and a new vision for each other has never been easier than right now - and the resources for it all are right in your newest issue. Let's hold hands, and yes, co-create the world we all deserve and need so much - the paradise which already lives in our very souls.
The forces of Love and Light are closer and more ready to touch us now than at any other time of the year. So let's engage their help - they LOVE what we are all doing!!
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