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Default Re: "British Police State Kicks Into High Gear"

Looking at the comments and the BBC article there seems to be some dispute about whether or not naked body scanners were used.

Also, I immediately question just 'exactly' how this is being portrayed.

Coming of the bus or train, sounds like a strange spot and really frightening behavior. But is this on the streets of the suburbs or deep in the ghetto?

Without more details its hard to form an opinion as to whether this is a huge disregard for rights, or just more of the same BS that has been happening every day for years.

I've been paranoid about the Po' because I like to smoke marijuana - but long since have learned that I am not a target for this type of action.

If they're picking up gangbangers off the streets, I still have some concern as to how that game is played (HELP them! don't jail them! this is what propagates the cycle of crime.)

Yet, I don't believe the article is -necessarily- cause for alarm. It's too hard to discern.
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