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Default Re: would a republic help us ?

Originally Posted by atama View Post
just putting it out there. personally i'm for a republic coz i hate the queen - but would it actually help us?

could we actually escape the clutches of the Illuminati and are we up for the fight ?

i don't know.
"Would a Republic help us?"

Just because you hate the Queen, its not a good reason to want a Republic.

The Queen has done a good job or the best she could under the constraints she is under, and she is being controlled by the controllers! I will leave you to guess who they are.

The controllers took away our freedoms in the dominions gradually Not that long ago, we could all move and live and work in any of the dominions UK,CAN, AUS,NZ without visas and all that ********.(Real Freedom and brotherhood but they could not have that!) The commies took that away asap, bit by bit and implanted false hatred for the mother-land in all manner of ways, sport is one, of their tactics they employ, works wonderfully brings out the separatist local jingoistic out in people.Raking up old regional grudges....How many other nations spit on their motherland? None,this should be the first sign we are being played.

The Queen or the Institution of a constitutional monarchy is a safer place to be than in any Republic. Unless perhaps Switzerland which is run like no other nation and is a special case, and a few minor nations all socialist.

Australia or rather the powers that be in Australia would never choose the Swiss model anyway, because there would not be enough controlling power or positions for the lazy thieving blugger politicians for their fellow comrades, as they should be called. As the people have too much control there, though even Switzerland is not a perfect place either, politically.

Every single Republic since the formation of the USA (which has been in meltdown since WW11 or perhaps even 1913) is based on taking your wealth and freedom and giving it to others and keeping you put; socialism=communism=slavery, period.

I have travelled the globe and I can tell you the countries with the most freedom all have a monarchy.

The Monarch gives one vitally important piece of protection over a Republic and that is if you get a party or mob in power, that becomes evil wont listen to the people or if both party's become in cahoots with each other at the cost of the people, the people can rally around the monarch or the monarchs representative aka a Governor General and kick the blugers out for the people. This is the main reason the Communists who are behind a Republic want a Republic.
Because they are scared of the people, while a Monarch still has this power for the people, they cannot implement all their dastardly deeds.

This is one piece of power that the Queen still holds for the country's of the dominions and its people.

Disliking the Monarch is not a good reason to want to throw away a system that works, and Republicanism is just another word for a pyramid scheme of top dogs a one or two party system of controllers and once its in place there is nowhere to go, to get the bastards out.

If the Queen had the power, the Dominions would be united with one passport for all to live and work in any of the dominions and the UK would not be in the EU communist bloc. Instead the controllers want to destroy our ethnic heritage and to lower our IQ's via mass immigration of third world nations, who are given the nations wealth to run us down, so we wont be a threat to their schemes.

Remember what they started,rise of the idiots over those who can think, multi-cultism, feminism (should be called Manisum) to get women to act like men and in the work place so living costs two incomes for a family, using free emotionless love and contraception in the 50/60's/70's to lower the populations of the west, so we could be self sufficient with sustainable living and without wars, they said, ha! Wipe us out legally more like it; and the men and women who should have children being left single and childless because of their fraudulent lies.

Then they import on mass third world immigration that sky rockets the populations around the western nations and the world!! They the controllers just want cash cow slaves, and with no thinking Anglo's /Celts/Scandics to oppose them,so they can run the show without worry of being terminated by the nations people they have run down to the ground educationally and spiritually.

Sorry went off on a tangent there!!

I could go on here about all manner of things these secret controllers have been up to, but for time constraints today. Anyway Republicanism is just communism.


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