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Default Re: My Prediction / Prophecy about Avalon !

The subscription will tailor the active membership to a group of cadre. Call it elite if you want, it really doesn't matter. These individuals would hopefully be focused on the mission of Avalon. They will be the trustees of the library we hope to compile tasked with distributing and teaching the information to a wider ground crew audience.

That would be my hope.

LDSAVOW has a membership of over five thousand individuals. It is a pay site, and it costs forty five dollars a year. The model can work. The subscription will help you self select which group you belong to, the trustees or the greater ground crew.

It has been my observation that many of you are not serious about the Avalon mission. You would rather go on for pages and pages about how evil the administration is or about bananas. That's fine, but it is wasting your time and mine.

I am here for two reasons; to support B&K in a tangible way so they can continue their work, and introduce newbies to preparation topics. If it weren't for the need to support B&K I would say leave the forum free, slap up a link to and call it done allowing you to take the initiative to find the information or not as you desire.

I view this as mission work. The places that I normally haunt I'm the newbie and a lurker. They are far
more experienced then I am and I would be preaching to
the choir. There is not talk of humping bananas in these forums, and the tone is quite serious. Avalon is the wild west compared to my home turf. Should I leave here, and I've been very close the last few days, trust that I will not lurk here or at astro vera. The information I seek just is not happening in these places.
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