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Default Re: My Prediction / Prophecy about Avalon !

Whatever will be , will be.
I have actually changed my mind about leaving. I originally thought that I would stop coming here if the forum went to a subscription format. At first it just seemed like a money making ploy...then they announced that membership would only cost, as little as, 1 dollar per month.
They aren't gonna get rich over it.

I've removed myself from the 'grid' as much as possible. I have no bank account, I have no credit fact...I have no debt. I rent my house...paying cash only. So, paying will be a bit of a chore, but not an end all.
I've donated to other sites by purchasing a pre-paid Visa card...I'll do the same here.

If it turns out lame...I'll just chalk it up as a "was fun while it lasted" sort of thing. I have gained friends and knowledge from this site thus far, and would miss it if it were gone.
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