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Default Re: My Prediction / Prophecy about Avalon !

I do this as an act of compassion - use that tone as you read. Trust me -- The decision has been made. The forum will go subscription. I tallied hundreds of responses, talked to Bill and Kerry individually. Inspired by St. Clair, I thought a full on NPR style fundraiser would be the answer. Well, I really stuck my foot in the s*** on that one. And then as I went over some really good objections with Bill and listened to his response, I suddenly felt it was an act of sabotage to continue to hound them to change their minds. They have already put their plan into action and are setting up the subscription page. So out of compassion here, I am telling you you are wasting your time and I think it is best to let it go and move on. I think its going to turn out just fine. If it turns out bad then that is their lesson to learn. Let them learn it. Now I ask you all please for an act of compassion – allow them the right to make their own decision about this, just as you would want for yourselves.

If you still want to post about it to vent that’s fine, but I see the same 5 or 10 arguments over and over – which I think are very valid – but I guarantee you its not going to change the decision to go subscription.

Joke: I feel like I am going to look like Reuters avatar up there if I don’t stop trying to reading all these threads on this. So even though I want to hear what everyone has to say there must be 1,000 posts on this topic.

FYI for those bothered by the moving, jumping, flashing things on the screen, last night I posted information on how to turn them off in Firefox and Explorer – search term “animated”. Now the little guy just sits there very still and stays white and black without going red. I laughed because last night I thought of Reuters avatar as I hit the escape key on every page after page after page to stop these moving things. So I went on a search for a fix. Now, I don’t have to do that anymore. I just typed in the little fix in Firefox and everything before my eyes is holding still.

Explorer has on option in "Tools" I think it is.

I really think the subscription plan will turn out OK. According to my tally many, many good people are choosing to stay. Changes yes, we’ll see them for sure. I find much peace in … allowance.

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