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Default Re: Beware of 'sleeper'

I am not totally comfortable with Benjamin Fulford's testimony, but I feel he deserves to be heard.

So I shared his recent transcript at the Tree of Liberty,
and I was shouted/ridiculed into silence. Well, the follow
up interview from Rense is out now, and I'll not bother
to post it at TOL. They don't want to know.

So what if he is 85% wrong. I'll not be selling the farm
based on what he has to say without independent corroboration, but I will be sensitized to synchronous
information streams.

TOL did the same thing to George Green btw, because he claims ET information sources. Would it be more acceptable if he said he got it in a vision or an Angel told him? Perhaps it would be more palatable if the information remained from undisclosed private sources.
It's all rumor anyway, perhaps it should all be thrown out on that basis.

Ignorance is bliss, and I'm a happy man

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