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Default Re: Beware of 'sleeper'

And your point is???

This forum is about connecting, finding the path of love/light, seeing the beauty in others ideas and offerings.

Perhaps instead of pointing out another you disagree with, you could tell us what you have in common, or tell us what you are doing to help your fellow man prepare for the future.

I do not have the time to investigate all threads and opinions, and often I rely on the judgment of friends that I have much in common with or trust because of their deed, word or actions. John Lear is one of those people to me. If he says Sleeper is cool... then Sleeper is cool to me. So you see, everyone has different choices and opinions.

I am also a proud member of ATS, and this topic is more their flavor then Avalon's. ATS is an outstanding site with a very intelligent and involved membership. Their motto of "Deny Ignorance" is a noble endeavor. I believe Avalon is more about "Denying the Darkness caused by Ignorance", at least it is to me.

Live, Laugh, Love... reflect the beauty of your heart to those around you.

note: Because I have made a post on this thread, I will let another Moderator keep an eye on it so as to avoid any possible conflict. tyvm

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