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Default Re: trigger points and back pain

Originally Posted by daisy View Post
Pain, pain, pain go away!! OMG

Cannot get rid of this debilitating back pain. I know about the trigger points but with travel have not had the time to care for myself. Have resorted to self medicating with JD from Tennessee.

Can't wait to have Sleepy Time tea at bedtime rather than what is keeping my pain at bay.

Any thoughts?
My thought or rather my observation as I can see your problem is this. Breating will be a good start for you since it is very restricted today in your body. It is a very good way to use breating as a self help kit to get a kick start in the healing process. And in your case, also be brave and have courage in time, let the time work for you and not against you. You are looking for fast result and a fast time solution, dont do that, let it take time and become friend with the clock.

Looking from another perspective on your issue, from a perspective beyond time and space this is what I observe. It is wise to listen to the inner voice that constantly tells you how to find balance in everything that you do. It whispers in the wind and is not heard when stress hangs over your head all the time. Be still and listen to your own wisdom from within. Learn this and a lot will change in your life if you allow it to happen.
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