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Default Re: trigger points and back pain

I have been through the gamut when it comes to back and cervical pain
In 1999 I was involved in a MVA Semi vs Mini P/U needless to say I lost that battle, now war had been declared on my spine.
I was lucky enough at the time( or thought I was lucky) to be living in SoCal and had been to a leading chiropractor in La Jolla Ca. He was somehow working with a group of Neurologists and pain specialists at Sharps Hospital and they actually did a documentary on me.
I was filmed having these TPI's (Trigger point injections)@ Sharps Hosp. They then would have me go to the Chiropractor and do manipulations while under the effect of these injections. While filming the progress, at one point they thought they had developed some kind of ground breaking medical treatment protocol.
The TPI's were helpful but where short lived.
I then moved on to a series of Epidural steroid injections, which were more effective,lasted longer, but have some very strange and not so good long term side affects. I now have what they call spastic torticollis.
I finally had spinal fusion done and it worked until about 2 years ago
I am now a chronic pain patient and I refuse to let them cut on me again. Ill just take my meds and get relief that way.
I don't think they have perfected their procedures and me being the guinea pig I was, have the scars,spasms,pain and bad memories to prove it
My suggestions! Stay Informed, do your research. Find the best in their field and insist that they do the procedures ,not some student just learning

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