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Default Re: Objective crop circle anylisis

If we have in mind that goverments have made deals with hostile ET groups, it is not surprising that they are collaborating with them to create disinformation

What we are not told is that symbols are the language of the emotional body (Michael Tsarion and Jordan Maxwell have videos about this) and the planet also has a emotional body like us. Whatever is done to the planet goes through the grids that in turn affect us too

So they are imprinting the planet, ETs and military alike to a purpose...their own agenda

From a very good confidential source I am told that beneficial ETs will not normally make crop circles because that will be interfering with the free will of the planet and the races that inhabit it

A great majority of people in this planet are sleepers, meaning that they subconsciously follow the program they have been give by TV, HAARP, school, books, radio, etc., from my perspective crop circles are just one form more of programing.

If one observe the images it is easy to notice that most of them are base ten, so very likely to come from the ones that seek the demise of the human race in my opinion

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